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It begins with home energy upgrades; zeroing in on wasted energy in your home. We connect Who a homeowner needs to What needs to be done. From the initial 100 Point Performance Check, to approved contractors, to financing, to the inspection that assures your upgrades perform. Homes get healthier and more comfortable, pocketbooks breathe easier, even your home’s value can look brighter.

Non-profit, pro-results: But Clean Energy Works Oregon’s mission is bigger, impacting three areas vital to any community — Energy, Economy, and Equity. CEWO is more than a non-profit; we are an assembly of allies working together toward better outcomes. By connecting homeowners to financing options, generating good jobs, increasing access to opportunity and minimizing energy waste, we not only transform homes, we transform communities.

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"Our CEWO contractor caulked things in our house I didn’t even know wasted energy. After the retrofits, we were the only house in the neighborhood with snow on the roof – we weren’t losing all that heat."

- Julie Dock Read Success Story


average energy savings per home

"After working with CEWO, our gas bill was one half of last year’s. I am hopeful this trend continues."

- Sean Hotchkiss Read Success Story


metric tons of carbon reduced for every 100 homes


houses upgraded means another 3 houses can be powered from the savings gained

"Our work together with CEWO’s forges a new energy frontier for Oregon that is good for the economy and creates new jobs. It’s also good for the quality of life in Oregon and supports things we all value such as waste reduction and resource stewardship"

- Brian Pasko Read Success Story


workers have earned a paycheck working on a CEWO project

"Through the recession, CEWO helped people like me who were laid off find new work that pays living wages and offers health benefits."

- Dave Bowman Read Success Story


per hour is what employees earn on average, as well as training and opportunities for promotions and often health benefits


new jobs in the pipeline


construction hours worked

"My story is a testament to the demographics of the unemployed. We’re often educated. We’re often hardworking. We’re often experienced. We simply need the tools to get into a market like this."

- Sary Dobhran Read Success Story

"After serving my country overseas, re-entry into the job market was not easy. CEWO helped facilitate my training for new skills that helped me find a job."

- Erynn Peterson Read Success Story


new construction hires

$25 Million

total contractor revenue

"Clean Energy Works Oregon has streamlined the retrofit process to help both the contractor and the consumer. CEWO is now the driving force in the energy efficiency market for our region and our company."

- Greg Chandler Read Success Story


approved contractors statewide

"The financing and rebates offered by CEWO not only prevented layoffs, but allowed us to hire 30 new people over the past two years."

- Tom Kelly Read Success Story

"Abacus employees receive benefits and for many of our employees it’s the first time they have ever had health insurance. We’re grateful that our partnership with CEWO has allowed us to grow and share our success with our employees."

- Jim Plantico Read Success Story


products used in energy efficiency are “Made In America”


CEWO contractors have grown more than 5 times faster than the rest of the Portland region.

"Oregon Tradeswomen told me they knew of four employers who would hire me if I learned about insulation. So I learned!"

- Nadia Looney Read Success Story


training scholarships provided to support career pathways in the energy efficiency trade


veterans hired

"Because of my extensive training, I am now able to educate homeowners about how to make their homes more energy efficient, and I now earn a reliable paycheck with benefits."

- James Metoyer Read Success Story


training scholarships for unemployed jobseekers through partnership with WorkSource Oregon, supplying workers for CEWO contactors


of hours worked by women and people of color

"Clean Energy Works Oregon has created what I call a strong community of contractors; we’re all working together as allies. It’s exciting that energy efficiency is now more than a job, it’s a lifetime career."

- Dave Hammond Read Success Story


project dollars generated through CEWO are earned by certified small businesses (ESBs)

"We have always envisioned a sustainable partnership with CEWO in the home performance industry, one in which we serve our community through energy improvements while creating long-term, well-paying jobs."

- Berenice Lopez-Dorsey Read Success Story


project dollars are earned by certified minority and women owned businesses (WMBEs)

Imagine what happens when thousands of homeowners join with CEWO in transforming our communities through home energy remodels.
Fewer Power Plants Are Built
Unemployment Goes Down
America Gains Energy Independence
Opportunities Grow for All in the New Economy
Homes Completed
Economic Activity Generated
New Construction Hires
Total Energy Cost Savings Accrued By Homeowners
Oregon Counties Served