100 Point Performance Check

Discover new ways to save.

100-Point-Performance-Check-v1-1The first step to a totally optimized home, and a service unique to Clean Energy Works, is our 100 Point Performance Check.  To determine if your house is a good candidate for upgrades, a Clean Energy Works Contractor will come to your house with a freshly sharpened #2 pencil and perform a 100 point inspection.  Once inspected top to bottom, inside out, you, your contractor and your very own Home Performance Advisor determine if your house will benefit from the full CEW treatment.  Then all that’s left is pinpointing your goals and developing a plan of attack.

From top-to-bottom, and inside-out your CEW Contractor looks at:

  • The Building Envelope: How well does your home protect you from harsh weather elements

  • Mechanical Systems: Ensure lifetime efficiency for all heating and cooling equipment

  • Instant Savings: lighting, water conservation improvements

  • Indoor Air Quality: radon, moisture, VOCs and particulates

  • Seismic Improvements: is your home bolted to the foundation?

  • Solar: Are you able to generate your energy?

  • Appliances: High efficiency ENERGY STAR models save money and energy

A Building Performance Institute (BPI) certified contractor is part of a team of experts, including an independent and objective home performance advisor to bring the best of building science to whatever needs fixing.

Your 100 Point Performance Check begins with a few questions about you and your home, includes collection of 100 custom data points and concludes with a checklist that you review with your contractor and prioritize the work to be done. In addition to the 100 Point Performance Check, Clean Energy Works participants also receive a free EPS, an energy performance scoring system brought to you by Energy Trust of Oregon.