Job Creation

Clean Energy Works Oregon not only helps homeowners upgrade their homes and save energy, but CEWO also plays a major role in economic growth through job creation.  We know that each home energy upgrade completed creates over 100 hours of work. This leads to the creation of family-supporting positions for local people to get back to work. In an effort to create long term employment opportunities and job growth, CEWO has created the High Road Standards and Benefits which focuses on:

Requirements: Creating high-quality job opportunities with hiring goals, family-supporting wages and health insurance coverage
Support: Providing training opportunities, business assistance and career pathways
Incentives: Demand creation, allocations, awards

Clean Energy Works Oregon is committed to upholding the High Road standards by establishing minimum requirements for contractors, incentives to encourage excellence, and support for assistance as needed.

To support this part of our program, CEWO works closely with our community, labor, training, and workforce partners to connect unemployed and underemployed jobseekers with available weatherization and home performance positions. CEWO has developed a list of designated training providers, whom we have vetted to ensure high-quality curriculum and connections to community-based organizations. Additionally, we have established relationships with important pre-apprenticeship programs, including Oregon Tradeswomen, Inc, Constructing Hope and the PCC Excellence in Trades and Apprenticeship Program. In July 2011 CEWO entered into a partnership with WorkSystems, Inc., where we support training and hiring through an on-the-job training resource for our contractors, and offer tuition support to eligible jobseekers interested in entering the home performance field.