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More than 3,400 happy customers; real life success stories, popping up on every corner. Projects big and small are bringing energy efficiency—and economic efficiency—to Oregonians, one house at a time.

There's a movement happening. Ending energy waste and transforming homes, businesses, even communities. Add your story to the growing good here.

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George and Kathleen Hreha
"Something was poisoning us. We’re breathing easier now.”
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The Roscoes
"You can really feel a difference. We just had big heavy winds and rains, and don’t even have to think about it."
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Eliza and Brad Kauder
Projected reduction in gas and electric usage
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Sandy Bielen
“Sometimes we can hear the wind, but we’re not feeling the draft.”
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Jonathan Cohen
"Clean Energy Works makes it easy for homeowners to access Imagine Energy's one-stop-shopping for whole-house energy solutions."
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Brian Pasko
“Our work together with CEWO’s forges a new energy frontier for Oregon that is good for the economy and creates new jobs."
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James Metoyer
“Because of my extensive training, I now earn a reliable paycheck with benefits.”
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Christine Hagerbaumer
Energy Savings
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Jackie Yerby
“My sense after doing CEWO is that you need to look at the house as an entire system,” she said. “You can’t piecemeal interventions.”
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The Russos
Reduction in Energy Use
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Julien Jaborska
You don’t need a dilapidated old home to take advantage of a Clean Energy Works Oregon home energy upgrade.
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Vanessa Margolis
Vanessa Margolis shares the story of how easy it was to increase the energy efficiency of her home through Clean Energy Works.
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Greg Chandler
Business Stems from CEWO
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Erynn Peterson
“After serving my country overseas, re-entry into the job market was not easy."
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Sean Hotchkiss
After three years living in their Tigard home, Sean and his family found out they weren’t the home's only residents...
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Rhonda Watson
After completing her energy upgrade, Rhonda wonders, “Why did we wait so long to do this?”
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Randy Herman
“The most important part is having oversight of the contractors. Anytime I’ve hired contractors it made me nervous, so this was great."
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Berenice Lopez-Dorsey
New Jobs Created
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The Lindbergs
"Energy efficiency paid for itself immediately – the cash value of the upgrade was included in our recent appraisal."
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Dave Hammond
"It’s exciting that energy efficiency is now more than a job, it’s a lifetime career.”
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Bryan Ross
“For the working man who doesn’t have thousands of dollars at hand, CEWO gets you where you want to go.”
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Dave Bowman
As the economy soured in 2007, Dave was laid off from a project manager position but...
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The Gates
“They let me see the before and after air loss measurement – I was quite impressed at the amount they were able to seal out.”
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The Docks
Monthly Gas Bill Savings
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Meghan Biggs
“The furnace sounded like a jet plane was taking off in my living room, and it was always on.”
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Susan Walrabenstein
“I don't mean to sound melodramatic, but this was a life-changing experience for me.”
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The Brannons
“My husband would only set the thermostat above 68 when we had company. I needed it warmer!"
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The Henkins
As a young family with a baby on the way, the Henkins knew it was the little things that counted.
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Tom Kelly, Owner, Neil Kelly
New Hires Over a 2 Year Period
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Almira & Kevin
“We’d wear blankets just to walk around the house!”
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Sary Dobhran
In 2010, Sary was a single mom on welfare looking for a job.
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Patt Opdyke
Patt Opdyke is a self-confessed energy geek. While others count calories and watch their weight, she counts her kilowatts and therms.
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Kouya & Sheela
These days Kouya uses his sleeping bag just for camping!
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Jim Plantico
“Abacus employees receive benefits and for many of our employees it’s the first time they have ever had health insurance."
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The Williamses
Just like that, everything they’d avoided doing was done.
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Nadia Looney
“Oregon Tradeswomen told me they knew of four employers who would hire me if I learned about insulation. So I learned!”
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