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Sometimes it’s impossible to keep a home clean and I for one know how difficult that can be. Working full time, taking care of children or an older parent, or simply keeping up with meal planning and cooking can be overwhelming. With a hectic schedule, simple surface cleaning seems to be all I can do. There just isn’t enough time in a day to do it all. So, one answer for me is using a home cleaning service to solve any ongoing cleaning or possible restoration projects that may come up that are too much to handle. 

What Needs to be Done and Who can Help me 

When I think of what I need to do in my own home, I picture everyday general cleaning tasks that usually involve sweeping and mopping floors, washing dishes, scrubbing sinks, doing laundry, wiping counters down, cleaning blinds, sifting through junk mail and completing too many to count other unseen daily tasks. These are just things that need to be done that take time that I don’t have. Knowing that I can’t do it all myself, there has to be help out there through some kind of home cleaning or restoration service. My mind’s eye sees a home service company doing the whole works with a cleaning crew who could get the job or jobs done in no time. In my own research, I see that most home cleaning services usually include:  

– Hard Surface Cleaning 

– Bathroom Cleaning

– Kitchen Cleaning

– Dusting

– Vacuuming

– Washing Walls, ceilings and floors

– Cleaning drapes and blinds and blind cleaning

– Washing Windows

– Cleaning ceiling fans and appliances 

– Cleaning carpet

– Cleaning upholstery

– Air ducts and heat and air problems (HVAC)remediation

– Toilet and sewage overflow repair and cleanup

– Odor removal

Cleaning Services

Not having the time or energy to do most of what’s on this list, it’s time that I take advantage of my local cleaning services that offer what I need to keep ahead of the cleaning game. Maintaining a spotless home nowadays is something that most people just don’t have time for, and I’m one of them. If I can schedule even weekly, bi-weekly or monthly services, I’ll be happy and most companies offer flexible scheduling. One more thing that’s important is assuring that any cleaning job will get done right, and my research shows that looking for a certified home cleaning service near me with qualified professionals is what I need to shoot for. So, contacting companies in my area is the first step in finding what will work for me. I may have to try out a few, but eventually I’ll find the right one to do the jobs I need done. 

In Portland, Summit Cleaning ( ) is a great place to start as they have a great reputation and track record.

Restoration Services

Other major jobs that I and many others don’t have time for are tasks and projects that involve limited and emergency types of restoration. I have water damage right now from a major leak under my sink. The entire cabinet area shows warping and I don’t even know the source of the leak, so it’s time to not only clean but get someone locally to help me with the problem. Other people have it worse with fire, smoke, flooding, severe leaks and structural damage from hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes and hailstorms where not only has there been exterior damage but personal effects show damage. With that kind of tragic mess, you need restoration technicians to help you through the trauma. Let’s face it, in addition to all these other problems, the passage of time and unseen events can deteriorate most any structure. Restoring what time has done may be one of the few answers to getting a household back on track. In researching, most restoration services include:

-Restoration from water damage

-Restoration from fire damage

-Removal of mold and similar hazards

-Natural disaster and storm remediation

-Restoration of interior contents/effects

-Crime scene related cleanup 

-Graffiti and vandalism damage cleanup

-Bio-hazardous remediation

-On-site cleanup emergency services

Whether I or others need general cleaning done that involves more than what anyone can handle or if I have issues that go beyond that and require restoration in major areas, I will find a cleaning and restoration service that works for me. Also, if I have an emergency, I want someone trustworthy enough to help me through it all. Being tired, overworked and overwhelmed can be burdensome and if there’s a service that eases all three, I’ll be happy. 






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