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Gray whale sightings are up on the Oregon and Washington coast in recent weeks. Counts at Oregon’s Whale Watching Center at Depoe Bay have been between five and 10 per day, according to the.

Learn when the best time to see whales in Oregon | Offering 1 Hour or 1 1/2 Hour. From mid March to the end of May we have gray whales migrating from.

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Nearly 20,000 gray whales will migrate south to the warm of lagoons of Baja Mexico from mid-December through mid-January. You can see them on the Oregon Coast.

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There are approximately 20,000 gray whales during the winter and spring migrations. A group of 200-400 whales feed along the Oregon coast during fall and summer. From March through June most of gray whales make the journey from their breeding lagoons in Baja California to the Arctic feeding grounds.

Located along the seawall in scenic Depoe Bay, the center is a perfect spot for you watch whales as they blow, dive, spyhop and breach. Whale watching takes place year-round on the Oregon Coast! During the busiest weeks, thousands of gray whales migrate past our windows on their way to and from the waters of Alaska and Mexico.

Come cast your gander out over the Pacific Ocean as gray whale migration ramps up with help of trained volunteers at 24 locations along the.

Courtesy of Oregon Parks and Recreation. 3. Look for the spout. Unless you’re lucky enough to spot a breach or a fluke, the most you’ll see of a gray whale is the misty spray from its blowhole.

Tiffany Boothe with The Whale Watch Center in Depoe Bay Whale watching is a. Gray whales migrate South from their feeding grounds in the Bering and.

Migrating gray whales will once again be passing along the Oregon coast this winter, where visitors and volunteers will gather for the annual winter whale watch week. The five-day event is organized by the Oregon Parks and Recreation Department and will run from Dec. 27 to 31, coinciding with the passing of some 20,000 gray [.]

On each trip, approximately 18,000 gray whales pass close to the Oregon Coast. The Whale Watch Center in Depoe Bay On the trip down, these giant mammals head South on a direct course, move quickly, and mostly stay about 5 miles offshore.






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