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as well as abortion providers like Planned Parenthood, to impose an emergency stay after lifting June 20 preliminary injunctions ordered by lower courts in California, Oregon and Washington. In.

We our a family-owned business in Portland, Oregon. Early Abortion up to 8 weeks Together we’ll determine whether the Copper IUD, a D&E (dilation and evacuation), or the Abortion Pill (medication / non-surgical abortion) is the BEST choice for you. Surgical Abortion 8 to 19 weeks

Planned Parenthood will not be using federal Title X funds, rather than comply with a new trump administration rule. fibonacci Blue.

Oregon Has Embraced Abortion Without Limits Oregon is racing toward a dystopian culture of death. Assisted suicide (at least that bill had the courtesy of a euphemistic title, "Death With Dignity").

Oregon was one of the first states to legalize abortion, and the right to an abortion is protected in the state constitution. There are no designated waiting periods or mandatory ultrasounds or counseling, and minors are not required to inform or gain consent from a parent before the procedure.

A Trump administration “gag rule” that prevents health clinics with federal Title X funding from providing abortion referrals, and led to Planned.

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In Oregon, patients less than 15 years old must have parental consent for abortion services. In Washington, parental consent is not required at any age. If you are a minor considering an abortion, please read about parental consent and notification laws that might apply in your state.

In Oregon, however, we have spent 40 years fighting for women’s reproductive freedom and are proud to say that Oregon is the ONLY state in the nation with no legislative restrictions on abortion. We worked to pass the nation’s most progressive reproductive health policy into law.

Abortion is a relatively safe procedure for the woman. “It is one of the safest medical procedures that exists,” Mark David Nichols, who performs abortions in Oregon, testified in a bench trial.

Several Democratic governors, including those of Hawaii, New York, and Oregon, have said that their states would now refuse Title X funds, as well. The restrictions on abortion counselling have.

In Oregon, state law requires publicly funded construction projects. Alabama adopts some very strict new rules governing abortion and the usual suspects go into their usual high dudgeon and faux.






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