Oregon Based Trucking Companies

Oregon Based Trucking Company

The Biggest Trucking Companies On Earth

Even throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, the worldwide trucking industry continues to experience yearly growth, while being lead by the top five performing trucking companies in the world.

Today’s trucking industry is becoming much more integrated with the overall logistics chain. In addition, the high demand for trucking services isn’t going to end in the foreseeable future, as worldwide economies are highly reliant on trucking for the transportation of all kinds of goods and products.

Have you ever wondered just how much the worldwide trucking industry earns? You may be surprised to know that the entire market is on target to reach $700 billion in revenues by the year 2024 while growing at over 5% CAGR.

But which trucking companies are leading the way in this explosive growth? In this article, we’ll take a look a the five biggest trucking companies on earth.

Let’s dive in.

1. UPS (United Parcel Service)

With overall revenues exceeding $71.86 billion in 2019, UPS is the number one biggest trucking company on earth.

Founded in 1907 under the name of The American Messenger Company, United Parcel Service is an American-based multi-national supply chain management and package delivery company.

Within North America, UPS employs a huge fleet of delivery trucks from a number of different manufacturers, including, PACCAR, Navistar and Mack Trucks.

Details about UPS:

  • Headquarters: Sandy Springs, GA, USA
  • Revenue: $71 billion USD
  • Employees: 481,000+
  • Tractors: 19,700
  • Trailers: 106,500

2. FedEx

Headquartered in Memphis, TN and founded in 1971, FedEx is best known for its reliable overnight shipping services. They also pioneered the system of package tracking by providing customers with real-time package locations updates. This system has since been adopted by almost every other trucking company or delivery service.

In 2019, FedEx generated over $65.46 billion in revenue, which makes it the world’s second-largest trucking company by revenue.

Details about FedEx:

  • Headquarters: Memphis, TN, USA
  • Revenue: $65 billion USD
  • Employees: 425,000
  • Tractors: 29,800
  • Trailers: 113,200

3. XPO Logistics

XPO Logistics is a US-based multi-national trucking and transportation company, which also has a focus on contract logistics. They manage the supply chains for over 50,000 customers.

In 2019, XPO had total revenues of $16.65 billion, which causes them to rank third in revenue on our list of the biggest trucking companies on earth.

Details about XPO Logistics:

  • Founded: 1989
  • Headquarters: Greenwich, CT, USA
  • Revenue: $16.65 billion USD
  • Employees: 100,000
  • Tractors: 14,400
  • Trailers: 25,600

4. J.B. Hunt

Ranking number four on the list of the five biggest trucking companies on earth is J.B. Hunt, with 2019 revenues of over $9.16 billion.

Based in Lowell, AR J.B. Hunt employs nearly 30,000 people. The company primarily operates semi-trailer trucks while providing transport services throughout North America.

Details about J.B. Hunt:

  • Founded: 1961
  • Headquarters: Lowell, AR, USA
  • Revenue: $9.16 billion
  • Employees: 29,058
  • Tractors: 15,800
  • Trailers: 33,500

5. Knight-Swift

Coming in fifth on our list is American and publicly-traded Knight-Swift, which is a truckload carrier with its home base in Phoenix, AZ. Knight-Swift operates within the US.

They provide dry van truckload and temperature-controlled carrier services for mostly short- to medium-haul lengths.

The organization has over 25,000 people employed, and operate nearly 70,000 trailers and more than 19,000 tractors.

During 2019, Knight-Swift reported revenue of $5.34 billion, which puts them in the list of the top five biggest trucking companies on earth based on revenue.

Details about Knight-Swift:

  • Founded: 1990
  • Headquarters: Phoenix, AZ, USA
  • Revenue: $5.34 billion
  • Employees: 25,420
  • Tractors: 19,150
  • Trailers: 69,552

Does the Size of a Trucking Company Matter?

Chances are that you recognize the names of most of the five largest trucking companies in the world. But does bigger mean better in the world of package and freight transportation?

While Oregon-based company American Freight Trucking ( https://www.americanfreightinc.com/ ) doesn’t make the list of the top five largest trucking companies in the world, it certainly has a great reputation as a leader in the industry.

We hope you enjoyed learning about these trucking companies and that you’ll check back with us again soon.






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