Oregon Structural Engineers


Portland, Oregon is the largest city in the state. They have a population of over 648,000 that is growing rapidly every single year, and over 2.4 million people live near the Portland Metropolitan area – that is over 60% of the entire states population! As the most urban city, it is also the most developed. The Portland skyline is one of staggered skyscrapers, and shining lights that stand tall against the historic waterfront. Named after Portland, Maine, the area began to be populated in the early-mid 1800’s and rapidly grew due to the surrounding water allowing for the easy transportation of goods. By the turn of the 20th century Portland was rapidly becoming one of the most dangerous port towns in the country at the time. When World War II struck, Portland saw a huge industrial boom and its once hardcore reputation began to dissolve. In the mid-1900’s Portland started to become popular again due to its more liberal political values in a traditionally republican state. 

Now known as one of the worlds most environmentally conscious cities, thanks to over 10,000 acres in public parks, its biking/walkability and their general commitment to sustainable environment practices, Portland is rapidly becoming one of the top spots to move to in the U.S. With their population growing at such a rapid rate, Portland has no choice but to continue to expand. Sometimes referred to as “Bridgetown” thanks to its multiple bridges that connect the city over the Willamette River (there is 11!) there is no doubt that Portland has had its fair share of structures built over the past 200 years. When giant structures are on the line, who is trusted to build, and maintenance them? That would be structural engineers. While skyscrapers, hospitals, bridges, and other large structures are built in ways similar to smaller structures, their design, and execution are much more complicated. When bearing immeasurable amounts of weight, these things need to be sturdy! And structural engineers have the knowledge and resources to ensure that. 

A structural engineer can work in a multitude of ways, but most commonly they will be involved in the design of large buildings, bridges, tunnels, and more. The majority of structural engineers will work closely with other architects and design-build contractors on any given project. While functionality and implementation are on their mind, structural engineers generally focus on the design and physical integrity of the given structure. One of Portland’s premier Structural Engineer firms, Lewis and Van Vleet, has assisted in many of Portands high ticket structures. Since being established in 1977, Lewis and Van Vleet have committed to providing world class structural engineering and consulting services to architects, contractors, and developers. Since their inception, they have assisted in public and private land developments including, but not limited to, corporate office buildings, K-12 schools, commercial and retail centers, public works projects, sports stadiums  and so much more. Lewis and Van Vleet has undoubtedly been a major force in development all over Portland, the State of Oregon, Washington State, and California. For more information, you can reach them at: https://lvvi.com/structural-engineers-portland-oregon/






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