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Most transportation trucks and semi-trucks have hardwood flooring. There are several hardwood species used in manufacturing high-quality truck flooring. A truck with hardwood flooring is durable and offers smooth transportation. When choosing a trailer decking company, you need to select one that provides exceptional services.

At TrailerDecking.com, they are a wholesale firm offering quality Genuine Apitong and Brazilian Apitong. They purchase their materials from trusted sources to ensure customer satisfaction. Therefore, they offer you quality deals despite the wood pieces you need from us. Again, they guarantee to deliver what you need on time and safely.

Their Services

Most commercial places have heavy or light trucks required to transport different cargo. Therefore, they aim to deliver the best flooring for these trucks to help these companies deliver exceptional transportation services. In their firm, they provide various trailer decking services, including;

Laminated Truck Floors

They sell premium laminated floors for your trucks and vans. Most of their customers prefer laminated truck floors because they are resistant to wear and tear. Again, they are durable, hard, moisture resistant, and environmentally friendly. In addition, they manufacture our laminated truck floors under strict standards to avoid fading and scratching after being installed in your truck.

They understand that storing laminated truck floors can be tricky. That’s why they store the laminated wood at the right temperature to maintain its high quality. Again, they advise their clients and give you instructions on installation methods, especially during DIY.

Rough Trailer Decking

They have a rough trailer decking to help us transport heavy and huge cargo. This way, you can order several trucks of wood flooring truck from their firm. This service enables us to load and unload pieces of truck floors without difficulties. Rough trailer decking can withstand the high pressure of heavy pieces of wood.

At TrailerDecking.com, they offer rough trailer decking services to their customers who transport heavy commercial equipment. This lumber flooring is weather-resistant and lasts for a lifetime. Thus, if you need to upgrade your deck or install one in your heavy truck, they have got your back.

Trailer Decking 3

Shiplap Trailer Flooring

They offer Apitong shiplap trailer decking to clients who need lightweight flooring for their trucks. Despite this, they manufacture durable floors for your trailer. In addition, their shiplap trailer flooring is weather-resistant and easy to install. Therefore, it holds the equipment on your truck in place during transportation to avoid damages.

This type of flooring is termite-resistant and doesn’t rot. These floors come in different lengths and sizes to fit various trailer floors. They manufacture these floorings in the right thickness despite being installed in lightweight trucks.

Residential Decking

Apart from trucking flooring services, they also offer residential decking. This way, they help you build the home of your dreams if you prefer residential decks. In addition, they sell you high-quality wood for your home deck. This way, you can have the deck installed in your home immediately after preparation.

There are many benefits of adding a deck to your property. It makes your home appear aesthetically beautiful and increases your home resale value. Therefore, they help you finish your home deck project by delivering durable decks.

Apitong Oil

They understand that you need to take care of your flooring to last longer. That’s why they sell high-quality Apitong oil to protect the wood flooring of your truck or home. In addition, it makes the flooring appear beautiful because of its quality finishing. However, they recommend 250 to 350 SF for rough floorings and 600 to 800 SF for smooth, lightweight flooring.

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Benefits of Hiring Their Professional Trailer Decking Company

They help companies install the best floorings on their trailers. Here are several benefits you enjoy after hiring their professional services.

Quality Results

They purchase their materials from reputable firms. Therefore, they manufacture durable truck flooring for your truck. As a result, you don’t have to worry about loading and offloading cargo from your truck. This way, they help you transport heavy and light materials without challenges on the road. In addition, you enjoy quality results by purchasing wood pieces.


In their firm, they understand that accidents may occur during transportation and delivery. That’s why they offer warranties to all their customers. Hence, you don’t have to worry if something happens as they deliver your cargo. This is because they replace the damaged wood with high-quality floorings for installation. As a result, we guarantee 100% safe delivery to meet your needs.

Cost Saving

Their experts deliver what you need at a pocket-friendly price. Whether you require one piece or two loaded trucks of wood flooring, they never exceed your budget. Therefore, they save you lots of money needed for transportation. Again, they deliver on time to ensure that you install the floorings quickly to get back on your job.

Modern Technology

Their company has modern equipment to track their truck routes for logistics. Thus, they ensure to follow the correct path and deliver truck and deck floorings to their clients on time. Again, they communicate with their professional drivers throughout the journey to ensure they provide their services within the agreed period. This way, they can keep records of various trucks to different customers without making mistakes during delivery.


Transporting hardwoods for your trailer can be tricky. This is especially if you hire inexperienced drivers. However, they have experienced drivers who can drive for long hours without getting exhausted. Therefore, they deliver what you purchased on time and in good quality. Again, their trucks are equipped with safety equipment. Consequently, they ensure to offload all wood pieces safely without damage. Furthermore, they are careful when handling hardwood floorings of all sizes.


In their firm, they abide by the law. They care about their clients, and that’s why they follow the government’s rules and regulations. This way, you can request their services confidently. Again, you have peace of mind because they are professionals with all the proper documents to handle your wood floorings.

Trailer Decking Supplies & Services is the firm of your choice if you need the best floorings for your truck. Again, they help you improve your home by delivering a high-quality home deck. This way, you are assured that your truck or semi-truck has the best flooring to handle light and heavy equipment during transportation.






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